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Are you new to learning or teaching martial arts and would like to know where to begin?
Did you ever wonder how best to organise your training sessions?
Are you looking for ways in which to improve your sparring and training drills?
Did you ever think how you could best improve the skills and attributes that go into your martial arts training?

Using the Systema (Russian Martial Art) approach, this book gives you The Ten Points of Sparring - a comprehensive framework with which you can structure your training.

Learn how to adjust and fine tune your training in order to bring maximum skill and attribute development. The principles are universal and can be applied to any style or training method.

Plus advice and tips on how to structure a class, teaching styles, student advice and more.

104 pages PDF file

Robert Poyton was one of the first registered Systema Instructors in the UK.He has over 30 years experience in a wide range of martial arts and has been widely published in numerous books and magazines