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Self defence is usually the main reason people begin training in martial arts. Systema is ideal for this purpose as it teaches us how to be adaptable in any situation. Rather than set moves, Systema uses a principle-based approach to enhance our skills and develop our abilities.

This unique book starts by examining a number of real life self defence situations, from verbal attacks to full on assaults. It then applies Systema methods to each incident, explaining training drills that would help you prevail in similar situations.

Topics covered include awareness, timing and distance, de-escelation skills and pre-emptive work. The book also shows the basics of strikes, kicks and takedowns and how to work against kicks from the floor.

Legalities and consequences are also discussed, and the book also includes revised material from The Ten Points of Sparring. It explains how to refine your work, along with practical drills on flow state and the OODA Loop. Finally, it describes how to create scenarios in order to realistically test your skills.

Easy to follow guide, fully illustrated.

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