Systema Awareness Training Paperback

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Most people list awareness as one of the top requirements for self defence.
However, true awareness goes way beyond avoiding dark alleyways!

This book is a guide to understanding and developing awareness through our senses of sight, touch, sound and smell. But our awareness goes even beyond those!

We also explain and help you improve your sense of balance, develop proprioception skills and, most critically learn to hone your intuition and gut instinct.

From there you will learn how to apply those skills in situations, how to read body language and how to approach and deal with aggressive people.

280 pages, packed with practical drills and exercises, fully illustrated, with clear and concise instructions based on Systema methods, scientific understanding and personal experience.

Topics include:
Vision; Tactile Sensitivity; Hearing & Smell; Body Language; Situational Awareness; Person to Person; Home Security; the Sixth Senses; Cross Body Coordination; Developing Intuition; Managing Attention; Changing Perception and more

Paperback, 17cm x 24cm 280 pages
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