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Qigong is an umbrella term for many forms of Chinese exercise. Whether for health, fitness, meditation or martial arts, qigong methods have been developed over hundreds of years.

The Eight Brocades are a very popular set of qigong exercises. Comprising of eight simple movements, they provide a good, all-round gentle body workout.

However there is more to qigong than twisting and stretching!The movements also combine with specific breathing patterns and visualisations to work the body’s internal systems.
This also means they are a very good method for improving health, dealing with stress and developing mindfulness.

In this book, experienced Instructor Robert Poyton teaches you the complete Eight Brocades routine, plus some variations.
He also details the historical background of the Eight Brocades and explains the basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Requiring little space and easily adjusted to fit your personal circumstances, the Eight Brocades are a great routine for anyone looking to improve their health and well-being

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