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Stress is unavoidable, we all suffer from it to some degree. The cause may be money worries, work issues or family pressures. Prolonged exposure to even low levels of stress has a detrimental effect on our health. In the UK alone, over 15 million work days a year are lost due to stress-related conditions.

This book is a practical guide to dealing with life’s stresses, large and small. It shows you how to counter the physical effects of stress with simple breathing and movement.

It also outlines a range of lifestyle strategies for managing stress, including time management, sleep, diet, how to keep a journal, recognising stress triggers, mindfulness, developing a positive outlook and more. Links are included to MP3 downloads for visualisations and breathing exercises.

As well as that, there are tips for dealing with grief, controlling pain and fear and conflict resolution.There’s advice on dealing with deeper issues as well as guides to taking any of the methods explained further.

An indispensable handbook for dealing with the kind of stress and tension that life throws at you every day.
Stress is compulsory, suffering is optional!

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