Cold Water Dousing

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The weather here in the UK at the moment has hit a cold snap. In fact, locally we’ve had temperatures as low as minus 10 and as I write it isn’t getting much warmer!

Of course this has created some difficulties, not just in getting around but also in things like sorting out the burst pipe gushing water all over the place at 8am this morning! However everything is an opportunity and this weather gives us a great opportunity to practice our cold water dousing.

Many of you will know of the benefits of this already, for those who don’t here’s a quick run down of the procedure and why we do it.

Step 1. Fill a large bucket with cold water and leave it to stand for a while

Step 2. Carry your bucket to your dousing area, you should be barefoot and ideally standing on bare earth/grass

Step 3. Splash a little of the cold water on yourself

Step 4. Inhale and lift the bucket above your head

Step 5. Exhale and slowly pour the water over your head

Step 6. Burst breathe!

Step 7. Move around a little, get your breath back to normal

Step 8. Smile!

CWD has many benefits, you can explore on the net to find more details on these and the back up science but basically they are

1. Stimulates the body’s central nervous system
2. Takes the body’s core temperature to a level that kills off most bacteria and viruses
3. Increases immune system activity
4. Builds psychological resistance
5. Improves blood flow
6. Has a positive effect on the psyche

You can approach this practice in stages, try a cold shower to start. But to get the full benefit you need to do the bucket drop at some point!

Of course, always be safe! Check with your doctor if you have any pre-existing conditions. Be sure you understand how to burst breathe and rid yourself of stress and tension prior to dousing. And be sure you have a safe area to douse in and can get back into the warm quickly if necessary.

Once you are use to it, you can try using two buckets and/or dousing twice a day. However, like all things, exercise balance and moderation. Don’t get too “proud” about what you are doing!

So if you are stuck at home and happen to have a bucket laying around the place... seems like a good time to give dousing a go. Enjoy!